How I Overcame My Fear of Not Being Good Enough at Healing (Om Newsletter)

This outstanding article is courtesy of Jeremy O’Carroll, founder of Om Reiki, Melbourne, Australia.

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Jeremy O’Carroll: Om Reiki

“It’s fun to be good at stuff.

It’s fun to offer a service that helps people.

That’s why seeking to master your craft to better serve others (or yourself) is a noble aspiration.

The problem, however, is when you have unrealistic expectations, when you keep delaying getting going because you’re waiting for things to be ‘just right’.

I often see this crippling need for perfection in the healing world.

Healers put off starting their healing ‘business’ because they are waiting to get better.

They put off teaching because they are not yet ‘truly’ confident.

They keep telling themselves that one day they’ll know they are ready, but that day never seems to come.

Now, I’m all for dedicating yourself to your craft.

I’m all for working hard to improve your skills.

But what you’ve got to remember is that true competence, true understanding, only comes from experience.

You can’t know you’re ready ahead of time.

You can only know you’re ready after the fact.

I experienced the same thing when I started teaching Reiki.

At first, I had a lot of doubts.

Would I be a good teacher?

Would the Reiki attunements work?

Would everyone ‘get it’?

There was no way of answering these questions short of experimentation…

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Article courtesy of Jeremy O’Carroll, Om Reiki, Melbourne, Australia.
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