Philippe de Lyon

Overview: Philippe de Lyon was not afraid of the Spanish Inquisition. Since the middle of the 15th century, he practiced medicine through the use of the energy that surged from his hands, re-establishing and restoring patients with disabilities, and saving people suffering from congenital illnesses. He had a very special student, named Gerard Encausse.

Philippe Anthelme Nizier was born in 1849. From a very young age, he was known for his “strange powers” and some even pondered whether he might not be the returned Jesus. After his death in 1905, he would be seen as a master – “Maître Philippe”. Mastering his powers came naturally, and from a young age; there is no evidence that he ever studied with or under anyone to refine or control them: “I was not even six years old and already the village priest was worried about certain manifestations, about which I was not yet aware. At the age of thirteen, I acquired the powers to heal, even though I was still incapable of taking account of the strange things that went on inside of me.” But despite no total understanding of what he was, it meant that “Master Philippe” had begun his life as a healer.

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