It’s Monday once again! You know what that means… time for another episode of ReikiCafe Radio!

This week, join me, Christine Renee, as I guide you in a self-healing Reiki session for the Chakras! By blending two of my favorite healing arts, Reiki and the Chakras, we’ll go on a journey through your energy systems to release what no longer serves you, heal from within, and reconnect to your Reiki energy.

When we commit to our own healing, we do so much more than create an internal shift. We also create a change in the world around us as our own energy radiates out. Cultivating a self-Reiki practice is just as important as practicing Reiki on others, because it allows us to become a clear channel, and as we heal ourselves, we heal the world!

So if you’re ready, grab your tea or coffee and join us as we sip our way through this week’s episode! Not sure where to find the podcast? Use the link below or search ‘ReikiCafe Radio’ on your favorite podcasting platform! Please also feel free to post a review on the podcast! They are much appreciated!

Listen Here!

And if you’re ready to dive in to your own healing practice, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you! We’re excited to be offering some amazing opportunities for continues healing, education, and support over the summer! Check out what we’re up to this summer…

Free Summer Workshop:

🌈 A FREE Catalyze your Healing workshop + workbook with 21 prompts and a guided healing experience to activate your Chakras and catalyze your healing!⁠

Catalyze Your Healing!

14 Days of Guided Self Healing for $11.11:

🌈 A 14-Day Reiki (Re)Awakening email series to help you rekindle the Reiki fire within and live a Reiki lifestyle with daily videos, activities, abundance tips, and other Reiki resources!⁠

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Discounted Summer Course:

🌈 Our most popular course, Reiki and Manifesting Abundance, is now on summer sale for only $222! This course will guide you through the process of releasing limiting beliefs, reworking your money mindset, and using Reiki to unlock your innate abundance. With over 6 hours of pre-recorded content and corresponding workbooks, this course is the perfect self-paced course to carry you through the summer!

Reiki and Manifesting Abundance!

Whether you’re looking for a quick workshop to to do in one sitting, or a longer course to spread the healing all summer long, we’ve got you covered! If you want to learn more, use the buttons above, or feel free to reach out on Facebook or email! Let’s chat.


And last but not least, don’t forget to join myself and co-Professor Isabel Wells for our next installment of Coffee Conversations!

This Wednesday, June 8th, at 8:30am MDT/ 10:30am EDT, we are going to be exploring the various ways you can live a Reiki lifestyle!

We’ll be discussing all the creative ways we have found to bring Reiki energy in to our lives, and along the way we will share some tips and tricks for how you can incorporate it into yours!

So grab your tea or coffee, sit back, and join us in the ReikiCafe community! We will be going live in the Facebook Group on Wednesday.

See you soon!

Ecstatically yours,

Christine Renee

ReikiCafe University


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