Become part of a restorative community and transform the isolation into connectedness!


FREE Online Event from November 8-14, 2021

A 6-Day Global Online Reiki Summit Featuring World-Renowned Reiki Practitioners and Visionary Spirits.

Experience the power of a restorative community!

As we’ve all witnessed, when life goes sideways, it can be hard to take one more breath, let alone find meaning! Most people envision an inward and solitary journey when they think about healing, but even though only one soul walks this path of self-mastery from the beginning to end, we need one another.

In the midst of losing our path and forging a new one, being part of a restorative community can provide us with nourishment, connection, support, wisdom and understanding during this time. It becomes easier and more joyful to navigate through the uncharted waters of life when we can hold on to trustworthy anchors that will eventually lead us to the shores of a brighter future together.

One of life’s precious blessings is to experience the power and love of Reiki energy and its global community wrapping its arms around you, or to be part of the wrapping yourself. It is time to celebrate each other and connect with over 35 of the most esteemed Reiki practitioners and visionaries of our time, including William Lee Rand, Pamela Miles, Johannes Reindl, Ssanyu Birigwa, Jane Van de Velde, Mark Hosak, Tina Zion, Susan Mitchell, Feona Gray, and many more.

Marking our healing journey with small or large rituals is a fundamental part of sharing community and growing through shared experiences. The Reiki Healing Summit is our own soulfelt ritual and we’re inviting YOU to take part in it. Although you may sometimes feel like it, you never really stand alone!

During this free online healing summit, you’ll discover:

  • The power of us coming together
  • Why energy medicine is needed in medical settings
  • Pioneering work within the Reiki field
  • Life-changing secrets behind the Reiki teachings
  • Practices and tools to deepen your healing journey
  • How love transcends trauma
  • Ways to experience the light of your inner being
  • The sacredness of our healing hands

Whether you are “Reiki-curious”, want to learn to practice Reiki, deepen your existing practice, or develop your Reiki professional skills, joining the event will refresh our mind, transform our hearts, and give our lives meaning by being part of something larger than ourselves.

If you’ve been searching for a healing community of like-minded souls who understand the spiritual path and who can inspire you to continue your transformational process, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll have access to worldwide-known Reiki practitioners who will be sharing decades of wisdom, insights, and perspectives from their personal and professional journeys.

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