A nurse weighs in on the value of reiki practice!

“More than 50% of nurses quit within 5 years, and nearly half the nurses leaving the profession cite burnout as the reason.

Even though medical error is the third leading killer of US Americans, and exhausted staff are more error-prone, the US healthcare system doesn’t prioritize self-care.

Instead, in healthcare settings, taking care of yourself is often seen as a weakness.

I’m passionate about bringing self care back to health care.

Typically, I’m asked to train healthcare staff to add an integrative “tool to their toolkit.” I always demure.

Reiki is practice, not a tool. That means first we practice on ourselves.

I ask if the hospital is interested in a spiritual self care practice that makes self care more accessible, helps protect staff from burnout, and naturally overflows to patient care.

Typically, the hospital admin doesn’t know about self practice, and is enthusiastic about my proposal.

Doesn’t it make sense that the care of the patient starts with the care of the caregiver?

One of the many reasons our healthcare system is failing is that staff are unsupported. Let’s change that.

Please share this with all the caregivers you know, both pros and at-home caregivers.

We all benefit when we honor and support our caregivers. Reiki self practice makes it easy.

Unlike the years of training needed to become a nurse, Reiki practice is easy to learn.

Nurses appreciate how easy it is to practice Reiki, and how quickly they feel better, whether practicing on themselves or sharing moments of Reiki touch with patients.

But please choose your Reiki class carefully, as there are no standards for Reiki education and lots of diversity.

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