Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Jeremy O’Carroll’s New Chi Activation Healing Technique.

My original reiki master and teacher, the brilliant Jeremy O'Carroll has designed a wonderful new healing technique which is available worldwide online. See details below... It's taken me 25+ years...

Namaste – A Celebration of Oneness.

Reiki is a ubiquitous, timeless sea of universal energy, which manifests as all living beings and even inanimate objects. Reiki is the energetic foundation of all things, and therefore...

The Wisdom within Reiki.

When we consider the wisdom within reiki energy, we find that Universal energy possesses the intelligence to construct and coordinate all of the activity within all living things....

Colors and Healing.

When people in the past have people asked me: ‘What is reiki energy?’, after much consideration, I have always replied by saying that the question can best answered if...