Friday, April 23, 2021
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Reiki Energy and the Cosmic Ether

Contemporary scientists have now proven that the universe is composed of a supremely high-energy ethereal fluid. This is reiki energy. It is an extraordinarily fine-grained, fluid-like...

Reiki: What is it? Part One.

Reiki is used in therapeutic situations by thousands of practitioners worldwide. It has been written about extensively. And for thousands of years, the healing properties of universal energy has been a prominent part of ancient cultural knowledge and medical practices.

A Miracle versus The Pragmatic

Reflecting on the many thousands of hours of hands-on treatments I've conducted over my career, I find it fascinating to recall some of the many incredible results...
reiki hands

What Reiki is and what Reiki is not — Heart & Soul

Reiki is a spiritual practice but not a religion, no belief system is necessary. What Reiki is...

Colors and Healing.

When people in the past have people asked me: ‘What is reiki energy?’, after much consideration, I have always replied by saying that the question can...

Reiki Healing Science

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. When the ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ are broken down into their two component parts, the Kanji (Japanese...

Reiki, A Wonderful Experience — Hygeia

Read the full article from this wonderful author. From the day I registered for the course, things started...

Transfer of Healing Reiki

The human body is a composite of overlapping energy fields.

Universal Energy and Healing

The natural processes within universal energy restore equilibrium as a rudimentary function. Those natural processes are essential for our environment to maintain the delicate balances required: cycles...

The Process of Healing

The process of healing via the channeling of universal energy benefits the recipient by increasing and balancing naturally occurring energy within (and around) the body. This...