“Hey Reiki Lovers!

Don’t let anyone tell you that education will be to your detriment! If you have a goal to create a profitable Reiki business, then you’re going to need some business education.

Look, our Reiki Master’s training didn’t come with a business manual on how to attract new clients, use an online scheduler, or marketing, let alone how to use Canva to make awesome social media graphics and flyers! It’s got to be something we learn if we desire success.

If you got tens of thousands of dollars to invest, by all means go ahead and hire a branding strategist, graphic artist, and social media marketer! Go for it!

But if you were like me, you’re starting from scratch without a ton of resources and going on a strong pull from Spirit to guide you to the next steps. You don’t mind picking up a skill or two to give it your best shot. You may not even know what you need or when you’re gonna need it, yet!

I get it because I was there. Spirit led me to training and courses and I just kept diving in! I showed up at the local business training center to learn about business plans, I took my profit and invested thousands in online marketing training, and I kept stretching what I thought could be possible for my business.

My local brick and mortar grew to the point of having 15-20 clients per week, regular classes, apprentices and even employees to reap in my overflow! Then I set my sights online to help other Reiki practitioners just like you to build the same type of success!

If you’re down and don’t think that you can ever make it, I’m telling you that if I can, you can too! Coming in with a liberal arts degree, a heap of trauma, and being Reiki orphaned without any mentorship to speak of, I can honestly say I’ve created $10K months.

I believe that Reiki is a powerful healing tool, mixes amazingly well with other modalities, and can radically change our “alternative health” industry.

But it’s gonna take you! You, saying yes to you! You, prioritizing your own health and wellbeing! You, prioritizing your goals!

What I now offer is what I know to be the crucial pieces, the must-know-information to build a viable Reiki business. This comes from my own experience of learning and building my business and supporting 100’s of students and mentees, just like you, build your businesses!

ReikiCafe University is rolling out mini business courses! Bite size and affordable to meet you where you’re at!


The Beginners Guide to Gain New Reiki Clients: This is all my best action moves to make your presence known and start booking new and consistent clients in the in-person space! Only $37!

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Reiki Business Branding Basics: Not only bring clarity around your business values and vibe, look and feel of your marketing, but learn how to use to make awesome flyers (and other marketing materials & social media posts)! This mini-course comes with worksheets and homework assignments to continuously make progress for all your branding needs – which is critical to both online and in-person practices! Only $147!

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Reiki & Manifesting Abundance: Got money blocks, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors? Ya, we all do, which is why we all need this course, and then watch it again and again! This mini-course also comes with workbooks to bust through your paradigm of limitation! Only $175

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I would love to see your business dreams become reality! If it’s a course that supports you, amazing! If it’s a business consultation meeting or hiring me as a mentor, I’m right here with you! Reach out and book a chat to see what’s the best route for you!

Have a beautiful day! And keep your eye out for more Reiki business mini-courses being developed just for you!”

In Love and Light,

Christine Renee

ReikiCafe University President & Founder


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