The wonderful gift to my health provided by my Master Attunement!

by Ross Dadds

About fifteen years ago I was competing as a 100-meter sprinter against some pretty speedy athletes in Queensland, Australia. But by that time in my life, I had already acquired a LONG list of injuries as a result of playing State-level basketball and weightlifting for over a decade.

I recall the moments when my athletics coach would cue me to get onto the Start Blocks and perform a full-effort race start. The goal would always be to focus on key elements of Acceleration Mechanics, and to perfect those elements with each practice start.

My main problem in achieving those ideal acceleration mechanics, was that even the simplest physical movement would cause me great discomfort, or even immense pain. Bending over to lower myself toward the start blocks would hurt my lower back. Crouching down to ground level would cause pain in my knees and ankles. And by the time I have actually climbed into the blocks, my hips and hamstrings would be screaming with pain. The list of painful areas was almost endless!

Over the past ten years, I had acquired the following injuries, which sadly had become chronic:

  • Arthritis in my neck and chronic migraines, with both of my shoulders frozen multiple times, and lumbar disc degeneration.
  • Chronic spasming in my lower back (leaving me bedridden), with sciatic pain in my left hip, and badly torn hamstrings.
  • Severe impact injury to left knee cap, with shin-splints in both lower legs, along with achilles tendonitis and tendonosis.
  • Multiple rolled ankles, both left and right, as well as severely torn muscles in the sole of my left foot.

A friend once said (when he was considering retiring from Professional Football): “My brain is writing cheques that my body can’t cash!

My friend retired at the end of that season!

I felt the same way myself. I really loved running, and I wanted to continue competing, but my physical body was so damaged that it didn’t seem possible.


I recall the time when I was attuned to the reiki master symbol by my teacher, Jeremy O’Carroll (picture below). Everyone in the class had already spent two days preparing for the attunement: chanting, treating each other with reiki, etc.

om reiki
Jeremy O’Carroll: Om Reiki

During the master symbol attunement, I saw the most intense white light emanating from my chest, and surrounding my entire upper body (despite having my eyes closed).  The white light was supremely powerful, indescribably so, and was literally bringing tears to my eyes (very unexpectedly).

I will never forget that glorious occasion! And I believe that it started a new era of good health for me, and dramatically helped to “spring clean” the damaged areas of my physical body.

Within one year of the attunement, I had been able to rehabilitate my body dramatically – something I had been trying to do for years (unsuccessfully). But with the power of the reiki master symbol strengthening and invigorating (healing) my body every moment of every day, it was as if I had turned back the clock, physically and spiritually.

I ran two PBs (Personal Bests) in the 100m and 200m the following year. My body was virtually pain free, and I was able to train every week at the highest level without injury. AND my performances on the athletic track were getting better and better!

I truly believe it was the Master Symbol attunement that changed my life!

My sprint start (seen above) is by no means perfect. But to be able to accelerate at maximum effort without pain is a tremendous feeling!

The following information is courtesy of ReikiScoop

Dai Ko Myo – The Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo is the Master symbol you receive access to at Reiki level 3.

It translates as: “Great Shining Light.”

While other Reiki symbols have a more practical use, Dai Ko Myo is a spiritual concept representing the gateway towards pure, divine light. It depicts the highest level of divine wisdom that one has access to.

Dai Ko Myo

Some Reiki teachers and practitioners associate Dai Ko Myo with:

  • Enlightenment;
  • Success;
  • Spiritual growth;
  • Compassion;
  • Joy;

In general, Dai Ko Myo has the ability to fill a space, an organism, or even an object with light. That’s why positioning it in the middle of a room, along with other Reiki symbols, may help enhance the vibration and cleansing power.

In Reiki self-treatment, activate it on your palms and chakras the same way you would do with other symbols. This will provide a considerably stronger energy flow throughout your body.

Meditating on Dai Ko Myo can gradually raise your vibration and bring:

  • Mental health;
  • Emotional balance;
  • Energetic cleansing;
  • Spiritual growth;

Dai Ko Myo’s vibration is higher than most Reiki symbols, and it can channel the universal energy more effectively. Still, like all the rest, you don’t need it to enjoy the benefits of Reiki. It’s also advisable to use it when you’re ready and have arrived at this stage. Only when you have the understanding and willingness to fully implement it in your practice will it prove to be of great help.

Read more about Dai Ko Myo by visiting ReikiScoop



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