Monday, September 20, 2021
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The Wisdom within Reiki.

When we consider the wisdom within reiki energy, we find that Universal energy possesses the intelligence to construct and coordinate all of the activity within all living things....

Reiki is the Real Constant

There is an enduring quality found throughout the entire universe: the ability to maintain equilibrium amidst opposites of all kinds. The laws of thermodynamics demonstrate the universe's natural ability...
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The Eternal Now and Energy

Conventional Time, as was described by Isaac Newton, has no basis in reality, other than being an agreed-upon (subjective) arbitrary measurement. In terms of the fundamental biological energy that...

Reiki in Challenging Times

Universal Energy, whether referred to as Reiki or Chi or Prana, always restores balance via the process of entropy and negative entropy. Also, as seen within Traditional Chinese Medicine...

Reiki is Everything.

Reiki Energy, known as Chi, or Universal Energy, is the fundamental source of all creation. That involves both the primary electric charge (positive and negative); broader environmental energies and...

The Power of Universal Energy

Many people believe that strength or resilience is exclusively a product of our rational or "thinking" mind; whether we approach life from a place of confidence or courage. Of...

Universal Life Energy

Some people may consider that reiki is something rather unique, and quite isolated in its nature and quality. I think, though, that its always positive to remember that the...

Colors and Healing.

When people in the past have people asked me: ‘What is reiki energy?’, after much consideration, I have always replied by saying that the question can best answered if...

The Process of Healing

The process of healing via the channeling of universal energy benefits the recipient by increasing and balancing naturally occurring energy within (and around) the body. This process can occur...

Transfer of Healing Reiki

The human body is a composite of overlapping energy fields.
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