We often speak about self-care especially as we navigate this troubled planet. And self-care comes in many forms from eating healthy, to taking a yoga class, and getting a massage.

But what about adding becoming a Reiki Master to that list?

Here are 5 Benefits to Learning Reiki


When we practice Reiki on ourselves we clear our meridians and unblock our chakras. This allows the Universal Life Force or prana to flow through our bodies leading to greater mental, emotional, and physical health.


Practicing Reiki transforms our lives from the mundane details of our daily lives to the choice of career and relationships. We let destructive relationships and jobs go and we allow new ones to replace them.


Reiki helps us to stay calm during chaotic and troubled times. We remember the Five Principles of Reiki which helps us to live our best lives even when our lives our put to the test.

This includes, trusting our circumstances, resolving anger, remembering to practice gratitude, being honest with ourselves and others, and being kind to ourselves and others.


We can use Reiki on any situation that comes up in our lives. We can send Reiki to our children, parents, friends, spouses, pets, and even people we don’t know who live across the world from us. When we bless them, Reiki blesses us.


Finally we can charge or bless our food and our drinking water with Reiki. There isn’t anything we can’t use Reiki for as long as it’s used with the intention that the Reiki flows only where it is needed for highest and best.

It’s possible again to learn Reiki in person or you can still learn it online. You can learn all three levels including the Master Level or just the First Level. Reiki can be used in person or as distance Reiki. Either way it works. While I resisted learning Reiki for years, the best gift I ever gave myself was to become a Reiki Master. This journey has transformed my life.

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