These uplifting words courtesy of The Reiki Healing Association

Affirmations for Self-Belief

✨I am competent, capable, and strong.

✨I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

✨I have what it takes to be successful in all that I do.

✨There are no limits to the amount of success or happiness that my dreams can bring me.

✨I fully embrace and love who I am, even as I continue to evolve.

✨My strength is greater than any struggle.

✨I confidently and fearlessly believe in myself.

✨My mindset is always geared toward positivity and success.

✨I define success on my own terms.

✨Success begins with mindset, and I always choose to think positively.

✨I am perfect, whole, and complete.

✨My presence is delightful to others.

✨My life is filled with magic.

✨My very existence makes this world a better place.

More about The Reiki Healing Association

To support, inspire and empower our extraordinary members to start and scale the Reiki Business of their dreams. Here are just some of the unrivalled ways we support our members:

Access time-saving, ready-made tools for your Reiki Business, including Manuals and Certificates

Get your business discovered online with listings on our Searchable Members Directory.

Promote your message on a Global Scale and with Member Spotlight opportunities!

Establish yourself as an expert with the chance to be Featured in our prominent Magazine, blog and large social community!

Add instant credibility and legitimacy to your business with a professional association that values and recognises your training.

Connect with the wider Reiki community, and develop a strong business network that can help you when you get stuck!

Avoid frustration and fast-track to your business goals with tools, tips and resources that ACTUALLY help you grow your Practice (so you can focus on doing what you love). 


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Alone is hard. Together is better.

We know it takes a pretty special type of person to pursue a career in Reiki and Wellness. We know the incredible work you do. 

I’m guessing that like us, you become a holistic health practitioner because Reiki and energy healing changed your life in a BIG way, and now you want to help other people experience the same transformative growth and healing. 

You’ve got the qualifications and the passion, and you’ve started working with clients and now comes the tricky bit – moving from spiritual practitioner to a successful small business owner. 

Now your busy navigating the world of entrepreneurship, marketing and business, tackling new challenges as you try to figure out all the real-world stuff that most reiki training course and workshops never prepare you for.

You need to know a lot about a lot. And it’s no secret that building a business on your own can be tough, time consuming and very overwhelming at times. But you don’t have to go it alone.  

Whether you are just starting to practice Reiki with family and friends, or you already have your own professionals Reiki business treating clients, we are here to help you get the training, support and recognition you deserve so you can excel in this exciting and rewarding industry (and also enjoy every step of the journey with the right community by your side!)


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