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Usui Shiki Ryoho – The Grey Book

“Announcing the 40th Anniversary Collectors Edition reprint of Reiki: The Grey Book, printed by Alice Takata Furumoto after the death of her mother as a gift to the 22 Masters that Hawayo Takata had initiated.

This 2022 limited edition of 1500 copies is an exact reprint of the original Grey Book, half in English and half in Japanese. It is printed on the same paper in the exact scale as the original 100 copies from 1982. This project is a gift to the Reiki world from the estate of Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

For the website, which is absolutely free to the world,, The Office of the Grandmaster (OGM) sponsored the translation of the Japanese portion of the book into English, and thanks to their generosity the full text of the Grey Book has been translated from English into seven other languages, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Here are the links:

Nederlands –

English –

Français –

Deutsch –

Italiano –

Português –

Русский –

Español –

Resource articles have been written for the website by Dr. Justin Stein, PhD., Paul Mitchell, Johannes Reindl, Susan Mitchell, Joyce Winough, and Brian Brunius. These articles explain the context surrounding the publication of the Grey Book, the 40th Anniversary reprint, and potential implications and possibilities for the future.

This Collector’s Edition makes a great gift for any Reiki Master or student, and is available for a donation of $73 or more, which includes shipping. Any additional amount added to the donation will be used to translate the Grey Book into additional languages. We will soon begin Danish, Polish, and Ukrainian translation projects thanks to the generosity of donors.”

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